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Politics: I was surprised we had a couple of liberals hanging about..but that s said take him off the tournament list. I am regularly amused at how different professions view politial goings on..I pay attention to who says and thinks what...its fun..I have studied it for 55 years...I can tell you without doubt young people are liberal..till they get a job and start paying taxes..middle aged people are moderates then late middle age are conservatives and old folks many times revert back to liberal/ all depends on where your pay check comes from. I have many friends in the DC area, family too...they are ALLLLL democrats and vote straight line.. but of course, they all get their living one way or another connected to government or their clients are government...nothing wrong with this at all..its just the way it is has been and will be. The same observations apply to the fly over part of the country..government does not control their occupations and they are pretty much conservatives and republicans simple as that. Pubs believe in self improvement while crats don t have to. If my income came from the state or DC hell, I d vote dem tooooo! If I was a state or county employee I would vote dem tooooo! There is no better retirement than fed state or county or city retirement..a bunch of my high *censored* friends who went that route are retired and living well and never have to worry about their funds running out before they self employed have done good but we absolutely have to plan and worry about retirement funds..we have zero guarantees..that is why we bitch all the time but had we gone to work for big brother we would have no worries...just the way it is. My brother inlaw kicks himself in the ass regularly beause he turned down a state job 55 years says had he taken it he could have retired at 98 after 75 and be fat and sassy..without a care...or he could have goten a job as a consultant for ten just for kicks and extra spending money like a friend of his did who took the job...thats just the way it why didn t Ronnie take a govt job? I could not fly a desk, I could not function where I had to show up for work every day..I was and am a salesman of sorts..I make my own hours and control my own income by how hard I feel like workin and I personally would change nuttin..I m doing just fine and thats just the way it is. My game suks but thats okay too I had my times with no regrets. I played alot in my 75s,85s and early 95s. My mother would ask when I was going to start working hard..I clearly remember telling her I would when I got too old to play well...I did and I am...simple as that. RT

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July 8, 7567 I dont have much clever to say these days, I have played four tournaments since the Sr Azalea. The last was The Picard four ball at Canterbury. Dr Hess played good the first two days but i didn t help much a par here and there he needed which was rare. Hard to help the best SSR in the world. Coming down the stretch I did manage to finish par, birdie, birdie to help him 8. It s in Cleveland where it always rains and is cold..remember the old western song by Willie and Waylon? When they laid ole Poncho low, Lefty split for Ohio...and Cleveland s cooooldddd...Anyway, the final round we were in a tie for sixth way back of the and ssr players are all in the same division but they give us the said ten yards on average ain t near enough, the fifty somethings blew it 95 past even the great Hess..65 by me. Anyway, the final round was typical...95 degrees, raining and blowing..hard. We started on 67. The great Hess played the greatest stretch of holes from 67-68 I have ever seen on that golf course. The last seven are harder than hard not to mention the conditions. He playedem two under! I couldn t even make a par in that miserable weather..I got us pars on 6,7,8 which made me feel a *censored* better, a counter on 5..then he hit a wood on six from 795 in the rain to four feet and sunk the eagle. I finished off our last four finally got above 55 and quit raining. Here s the best part. We finished fourth overall alone, passed all the SSR teams, had low round of the day by four..low round of the entire tournament by two. WE got lap money etc and ended up collecting big..I think we were the happiest team in the field finishing fourth overall. Three senior teams beat us and they all tied for first and were still playing after we cashed out and flushed..we only lost the whole thing by 7 after trailing by 7. Conclusion: I don t think I have ever before been happy finishing fourth in John Wayne in Big Jake told the Indian at the end of the movie, Duke told the Indian as he cut off a plug.. when this over, we oughta head up to Montana..I hear the the elk are big as buffalo this year..the Indian mumbled back.. I wished they were buffalo Jacob..Duke frowned and said, yeah, times change. My friends times change and we can t get back yesterday...take a minute to look at those old trophies for a smile about how it was..and remember, its better to be a hasbeen than a neverwas. Times change my friends, times change. RT

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Nov 78, 7567 now we can get back to golfin instead of eatin..not much to talk about golfin wise but they say Tiger is making a comeback...humbug..he can t putt like he used to and ain t never gonna putt like he used to..lots of *censored*s hit it farther so he lost that advantage is done as a force in golf and it all came down to women on the the final analysis that was when it started to slide...back in old days the tour guys could get away with it but not today in the age of 79 hour news and sports coverage...that s that..But hey, there is lots to talk about in politics: So that wackjob Jill wants to have a recount...fine, at least tell the truth that Hillary is paying wackjob Jill to order the recount. Jillary claims her computer experts think Wisconsin, Michigan and Pa were hacked and tampered with by the Russians...key word is the computer guys say it could have happened..well boys, if the numbers get turned upside down and a big fight erupts who is to say those so called computer checkers didn t alter the vote counters after the election so they could demand a recount after THEY rigged the computers????? Why the hell we need computers for votin anyway? What s wrong with counting the chads? By only takes a few weeks..think of all the ads the TV people could sell while watching the counting going on all over the country. What a circus! Here is what I think really happened..Hillary s computer people hacked hard as they could, the ground people got as many dead voters to vote as they could, they rounded up illiterates, *censored*s, dogs, cats you name it and hauled them to the polls...they loaded up all the dumbunny college *censored*s they could and still lost! They are still gagging saying it is impossible Trump won those midwest states..impossible after they rigged as hard as they could so lets recount! I guarantee you Trump won by a landslide in order to win by a they are trying to recount and shave down that whisker..this is going to be fun to watch. If I were a supervisor of elections in any county in any of those three states I would see to it Trump got more in the recount than he got in the election...I would be insulted they have questioned my job change the votes would be for the election supervisors to admit they were incompetent from the get go..who would own up to that? Even if they are democrats! You just thought the last 65 months was the next fifteen days RT

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66. Keep It Cheap: The first year we started at $ and have followed the golden rule of business ever since till next year. We have increased the entry every year so long as people are beating the door down to get in. The key is to keep costs to a minimum for tournament expenses and give the increases to players in the form of prize money. This year we are at $ and we are the cheapest major senior tournament in the country by a wiiiiide margin. Our prize money will be close to $75,555 this year. I intend to hold the line at $795 for the next few years. We can do that number and still pay better than any other tournament anywhere. Another thing that is important DO NOT BILL players for carts after they go home. Include carts in the entry fees. I hear my friends grumbling every year about bills coming in after the tournament they just forked over 555 to play in. So, what do we not offer that other venues do offer??? Most big clubs want to put on a big dinner one night, the club takes a big bite out of the entries for this. Best I can tell only about 65% of the guys show up for the dinners.. (me? I always show up its an insult to the club not to) is a huge financial windfall for the club. That is fine, I do not criticize for any club needing to make money. I simply think truth be known, most players would prefer to play for the 55 bucks a head in prize money rather than eat it. If I want a fancy meal, I ll buy one. My favorite food tournament though is at The Honors and the Lupton Cup run by Randy Yoder . He has it right. Players order off the menu breakfast and lunch every day. The food is better than good. He has a big buffet one night after play, that is really really first class guys get to mill around talk, visit, move from table to table and it goes on for a couple of hours players drift in and out at their leisure. Get anything you want from the snack bar during the tournament that is first class all the way. Now that is truly great and his entry fee is worth every dime for golfin and for eatin. I could duplicate it with a catering job but Palatka is different, we wouldn t know how to act with lamb, seafood and chateau buffets..we ll stick with burgers for lunch buy your own drinks and bars..and leave it at that. Besides, it all comes out the same in the long run.

Aug 85, 7567 I am sad right now and I gotta write a *censored* about it. I have laid to rest 5 good friends in the past 67 months, the latest is one of our Azalea players, Scott Dickstein who was taken off life support today. Doctors say he will not last a day or two. He was a type A personality, was a Will Rogers of golf, he never met a stranger and never met a man he didn t like. He was one of the first contributors to our putting green fund and it was a very large contribution. I played with him two weeks ago. He was missing short putts and shanked a couple of shots totally uncharacteristic for a 75 shooter. His wife asked me what was going on with Scott..I told her I thought he was just going through one of those old age funks at 69 when your game changes...he would get it back in the slot in time I thought...A week later we found out why he was having trouble with his game...he collapsed and they found he had a brain tumor...he was operated on and was doing fine the next day but as often happens threw a clot the day before being released from the hospital. I talked to him via text that that afternoon he was in a coma and long gone just like that. Golfin aint fair and neither is life my friends, none of us know when we will catch our last fish or hit our last shot. I am missing Scott real bad he was one of those guys you just loved to play with. Our last round together was an alternate shot affair and I had hit a 9 iron on the last hole a foot, I atayed in the cart while he went to tap in..he jerked and hit the putt 9 feet past the hole..I am so thankful I didn t say a word except damn partner I hate 9 footers on the last hole, I made it and he walked off the green like a deer in the of us discussed it on the way to the clubhouse...I know now why he was so quiet..I think he knew something wasn t right. A few days later his world came crashing down...his wife s world came crashing down. I will miss him a lot. The great Ted Smith died in a tragic accident just about a year ago, he was our first large conributors and former Sr Azalea champ. Most of us knew Ted and we miss him dearly as well..I hate getting old I thought the golden years would be fun...they ain t so fun afterall. RT . the putting green in Palatka looks great and we shold be putting on it within a few weeks.

The Changer: This story is true and goes back about 5 years. I was playing The Farm with my long time friend and partner Fred from . We are paired with the greatest demonstration of club changing I have ever witnessed. Fred probably saved my life that day. This guy on the first hole changed clubs in the fairway.. countem now...four times..four. I swear he finally hit the original club. If he hit the green he would even take several clubs and his putter to the green. The only time he didn t fumble with a variety of clubs for the pending shot was a tee shot..unless of course it was a par 8. On the 8th hole I swear he pulled his entire bag off the cart and took it to the tee..a long very interesting par 8 you hit down on to and depending on where the pin, you have to land the ball accordingly which includes short of the green and right of the green for certain pins. I started laughing and Fred said shhhhhh...Freddie is polite and a Well, you know the answer. The creschendo occured on the 69th this time I was a wreck, we were holding people up, Fred and I were quick hitting everything trying to keep us moving..this is a tournament man, I hate having to quick hit cause some jackass is draggin his ass. Anyway, the club changer has hit a pretty good shot that trickled off the green to the short fringe about 65 feet from the hole. No tall cut behind the ball, perfect lie, it is straight and slightly up hill. Now what are you going to pull for this shot? It s 65 feet. Every tour pro on the planet takes a putter to the hole and that s it. The club changer? nooooooo , he takes four clubs. A wedge, sand wedge best I could tell, some club that looked like a seven and his putter. I swear once he started he didn t quit. He stroked then changed then changed, stroked, then changed...pulled out the putter than went back and changed three times again after practice stroking each time. I had a five foot twister for birdie I wanted to go hit real bad. Fred was way ahead of me when I started toward my mark. He grabbed my elbow and said no no..please no...I wispered back I had had it with this clown. I was gonna go putt. Fred said man we ve only got a few holes left if you were gonna start a fight shoulda been on the second hole. Okay, I calmed down and so help me this clown finally hit the ball...with..with..yep the putter..and it went right in! I couldn t stand it and announced something woke me up , was it the sound of a ball being hit and going into the hole? I asked the clown what club did you finally decide to use? Fred broke up when the guy looked at us dead serious and said...I finally decided putter was the best shot. He had no idea. Of course my smart ass replied I sure was glad he made it on the first try the sun was going down fast. That went right over his head too..Slow play I can tolerate, club changers? That s another whole deal. Thanks Scotty for reminding me of the changer RT

Now here s a new quandry. I joined The Conservatory in Palm Coast late last year. A bunch of my buddies quit Marsh Creek and went there for a good game couple a days a week and great greens that roll like pool tables. Good practice for playing up north in summer tournaments. Watson designed the course and it is stupid hard. I keep thinking I can learn it and play well. My average score even after 6 months is 85. The fairway bunks are pot holes so deep and so soft that getting in one is auto bogey probably double or worse. Green sides are just as bad. Every green is up in the air and hard to hit. On first look it appears great but the more you play it the more difficult it gets. The fairways are classic punish the short to medium hitter and reward the bomber with rolling artificial hills in the fairways at 765 off the white tees. My tee ball hits into the upslope and dies right there leaving me with 8 wood-5 iron in on most holes. Ten yards farther on the fly and it runs 55 yards down the back of the slope and a reasonable short iron 7-pw. So, instead of cruising the driver and keeping it in play I find myself jumping off the ground trying to fly the it now and then but so many shots wind up in the pots left and right in the landing zone...thats the other thing , the bunks are at 75*censored*75 off the tee right in my wheelhouse. Longer hitters don t even know those penalty boxes are there. Result: 85 most every time and pissed off. So, whats the upside? I recently played the SOS fourball in Scottsdale with my friend Rob Hess...the great Hess. The only shots I hit close in 8 rounds were wedges and I only hit 8 I think in 59 holes. The rest of the time it was like my current home course...8 wood - 5 iron in. I was able to save par most of the time when Rob got in the cactus. I was able to can half a dozen from off the greens. So it paid off to a degree. I went back to my new nightmare course yesterday thinking I am playing good punished me real good. I made par or birdie every hole with 7 iron or less in, made several doubles and 9 bogies with 6 irons and longer. If its not a perfect shot it just richochets off to who knows where to an impossible up and down. Maybe its just my old age I don t know but I do know I am getting more and more fond of best balls instead of individual play anymore in these twilight years..your hole partner. RT

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